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Weekly Subscription News: Creators, Credit Cards and Cloud Gaming

Featuring TurboTax, Replay, TikTok, Fortnite and Apple

Creators, credit cards and cloud gaming made the subscription headlines this week. TikTok is finally going to share ad revenue, but not all creators will get cash; Apple no longer accepts debit or credit cards for subscription and app purchases in India; and gamers can now play Fortnite on their iOS and Android phones for free. Also, TurboTax’s owner Intuit has to pay $141 million to customers they unfairly charged, publishers are experimenting with personalization on their home pages, and Google blocked 3.4 billion ads and suspended 5.6 million accounts in 2021.

TurboTax Owner Intuit to Pay $141M to Customers ‘Unfairly Charged’

Replay Introduces Reward TV, an Ad-Free, No-Subscription Blockchain OTT Streaming Service
MarTech Series

TikTok Is Finally Splitting Ad Revenue with (Some) Creators

YouTube Go Is Shutting Down in August

Play Fortnite on Your iPhone or Android for Free with Xbox Cloud Gaming
The Verge

How Publishers Are Experimenting with More Homepage Personalization Sections

Apple No Longer Accepts Debit or Credit Cards for Subscription & App Purchases in Indiana

Google Blocked 3.4B Ads, Suspended 5.6M Accounts in 2021
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