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Weekly Subscription News: Baseball, Baltimore and Business

Featuring Peacock, The Baltimore Banner, Epic Games and Hearst

Baseball, Baltimore and business dominate this week’s subscription news headlines. Peacock is finalizing a deal to stream 18 MLB games, The Baltimore Banner readies for launch, and Hearst Ventures invests in a startup that uses machine learning to help businesses and journalists. Also, local newsletter startup 6AM City looks at expansion and $10 million in revenue after hitting 1 million subscribers; fringe YouTubers are profiting on other platforms; and Fortnite developer Epic Games raises $36 million for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

Peacock Finalizing Deal to Stream 18 MLB Games
Cord Cutters News

Local Newsletter Startup 6AM City Eyes Expansion and Revenue of $10M After Hitting 1M Subscribers

Go Big or Go Home: The Baltimore Banner Readies for Launch
Northwestern|Medill: Local News Initiative

Fortnite Developer Epic Games Raises Raised $36M for Ukraine Humanitarian Efforts

Fringe YouTubers Are Profiting Off-Platform
The Verge

Hearst Ventures Invests in Startup That Uses Machine Learning to Aid Businesses & Journalists
Media Post

How a $1 Offer Drives The Boston Globe’s Subscription Success Story
Digital Content Next

TikTok Payment Fund has Blocked New Viral Stars From Getting Paid

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