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Weekly Subscription News: Approvals, Ad Revenue and Axios

Featuring Peacock, BBC, Neeva, Hornhub and Axios Pro

This week’s subscription headlines include news stories on Peacock’s planned launch of local news channels from NBC-owned stations, BBC News growth to 20 million Instagram followers, and Neeva’s consideration of free subscriptions to grow its user base. Also, Instagram wants to reduce its dependence on user data without losing ad revenue, Hornhub ambitiously wants to become the Facebook of content creation, and Axios Pro launches paid newsletters, starting at $599 a year.

Peacock to Launch Local News Channels from NBC-Owned Stations

U.S. Competition Enforcers Launch Overhaul of Merger Approval Process
The Verge

How BBC News Topped 20M Instagram Followers and Why It Has Stayed Away from TikTok
Press Gazette

Neeva Seeks to Expand User Base with Free Subscriptions
Search Engine Land

Instagram Cuts Dependence on User-Data Without Cutting into Its $26B Ad Revenue|

Nebraska Examiner: Nonprofit News Services Launches in Nebraska with Experienced Reporting Team
3 News Now

Hornhub Plans to be the Facebook of Content Creation Online

Axios Pro Deal Newsletters Launch, Starting at $599 Annually

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