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Weekly Subscription News: Ad Partners, Premium Tiers and Publisher Losses

Featuring Telegram, Google, Facebook and Netflix

This week’s subscription headlines feature ad partners, premium tiers and publisher losses. Netflix, who is working on an ad-supported tier, is looking for ad partners; Facebook is rethinking its news deals which cost publishers millions; and Telegram launches its premium tier. Also, Gamelancer hits $184,000 in monthly recurring revenue, streaming music subscriptions lose 1 million subscribers in the UK, and Google avoids additional fines after working toward resolutions with news publishers in France.

Apple Music, Spotify & Amazon Music Lose 1M Music Subscribers in UK
Digital Music News

Telegram Launches Premium Tier as It Tops 700M Users

Google Avoids More Fines After Settling French News Dispute

Facebook Rethinks News Deals, Publishers Stand to Lose Millions in Payments
The Wall Street Journal

Gamelancer Records $184K in Monthly Recurring OTT Video Revenue for May 2022

Netflix Looks for Ad Partners, Including Google and Roku

PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox Games Pass: Gaming Subscriptions Showcase Different Strategies

U.S. Digital Newspaper Ad Revenue Expected to Surpass Print by 2026

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