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Weekly Subscription News: Wine, Watchdogs and Winning

Featuring the Baltimore Ravens, Disney, Skift and Zeus Prime

For this first weekend of fall, we’ve got some interesting subscription headlines to share: the Baltimore Ravens kick off a wine club called Winning Drive, The Washington Post launches an ad-buying network called Zeus Prime, and Skift prioritizes subscribers with a debranding effort. Also this week, the FTC is urged to pass privacy rules to protect consumer data, an iPhone and Mac subscription service trial is announced and then retracted, and Axios reports in an exclusive article that 6AM City has raised over $5 million and will expand to 24 cities.

Baltimore Ravens Launch Subscription Wine Club Brand ‘Winning Drive’
WJZ13 CBS Baltimore

iPhone and Mac Subscription Service Trial Announced Then Pulled
Apple Insider

Disney Sinks 5% After CEO Warns about Disney+ Subscription Growth and Production Delays
Markets Insider

The Washington Post Debuts Ad-Buying Network Zeus Prime
The Drum

FTC Urged to Pass Privacy Rules, Require Companies to Obtain Consumers’ Consent
Media Post

Prioritizing Subscribers, Not Fly-By Readers, Skift Is “Debranding”

Facebook Rolls Out News Feed Change That Blocks Watchdogs from Gathering Data
The Markup

Axios Exclusive: 6AM City Raises Over $5 Million, Expands to 24 Cities

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