ServiceNow Reports Impressive Q3 2023 Earnings Driven by Subscriptions Growth

Subscription revenues exceed expectations with an impressive 27% year-over-year growth.

ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), a leading digital workflow company focused on automating and streamlining work across enterprises, has reported its Q3 2023 financial results, with its subscription revenues of $2.216 billion, exceeding its revenue growth guidance, and an impressive 27% year-over-year growth.

These figures reflect the company’s exceptional performance and solidify its position as a key player in the digital transformation industry. In addition to robust subscription revenue growth, ServiceNow also exceeded guidance across all key performance metrics, which has led to increased subscription revenue and operating margin guidance for the full year of 2023.

ServiceNow prides itself on achieving rapid growth organically through the development of new services. It is one of the few software companies with over $10 billion in sales that is experiencing the fastest growth. The company’s focus on innovation has led to the release of over 5,000 new capabilities, including Generative AI, which has been instrumental in its expansion.

ServiceNow’s Q3 2023 Performance Highlights:

  • Impressive Revenue Growth: The company reported total revenues of $2.288 billion, surpassing analyst expectations by $20 million, with subscription revenues of $2.216 billion, exceeding its revenue growth guidance.

  • Growing Performance Obligations: The current remaining performance obligations (cRPO) amounted to $7.43 billion, demonstrating a robust 27% year-over-year growth, surpassing the revenue growth guidance by a significant margin.
  • Earnings Beat Expectations: The company reported adjusted earnings per share of $2.92, a remarkable 14.6% ahead of analyst estimates.
  • Strong Customer Base: ServiceNow’s customer base includes 1,789 customers paying over $1 million and 49 customers paying over $20 million. This represents a 58% year-over-year increase for the latter.
  • Consistent Gross Margin: The company’s GAAP gross margin stood at 78.3%, in line with the same quarter last year.

  • Positive Guidance: The company raised its 2023 subscription revenue guidance to a range of $8.635 billion to $8.640 billion, implying 25% constant currency growth.

During Q3, ServiceNow achieved several milestones and expanded its offerings:

  • Generative AI Integration: ServiceNow has identified Generative AI as a significant growth opportunity, estimating that it could contribute an additional $1 trillion to the company’s total addressable market (TAM). This expansion builds on the company’s existing TAM of $200 billion, making it a highly attractive prospect.

  • Partnerships and Investments: ServiceNow significantly expanded its partner ecosystem and collaborations, including investments in companies like Blueship Co., Ltd. and Japan Systems Co., Ltd. It also announced an expanded partnership with Deloitte and co-investment in India-based global capability center leader ANSR.

  • Share Repurchase Program: ServiceNow initiated its first-ever share repurchase program, demonstrating its commitment to managing the impact of dilution from future employee equity grants and employee stock purchase programs.

  • Workplace Recognition: The company was recognized as a Fortune Best Workplace in Technology for the fourth consecutive year and received the 2023 Best Places to Work for People with Disabilities award.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: ServiceNow continued to emphasize its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments by partnering with FutureSkills Prime and GivePower to support digital skill training and provide clean, affordable drinking water.


ServiceNow’s Q3 2023 financial results indicate strong growth and continued momentum. The company has increased its subscription revenue and operating margin guidance for the full year 2023, demonstrating its confidence in the future.

As digital transformation becomes increasingly vital for organizations, ServiceNow’s role as an intelligent super platform is set to play an even more significant part in shaping the business landscape. The recent advancements in generative AI and partnerships show that ServiceNow is well-positioned to deliver innovative solutions to its customers. ServiceNow will continue to lead in the digital workflow space, and investors and stakeholders can anticipate promising prospects for the future.

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