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Forbes Launches MyForbes, a Customizable Membership Benefit

With the new tool, subscribers can customize their Forbes experience.

Last week, Forbes launched MyForbes, a new membership benefit for subscribers. With the MyForbes tool, subscribers can customize their Forbes experience by curating the topics, stories and writers that interest them the most. This is a free add-on to the Forbes subscription, creating a more personalized experience for premium members.

“See the newest stories from the writers you know, get personalized recommendations for new authors to follow, discover stories similar to those you’ve already read and find recently published premium journalism only available to members like you,” said Forbes in an email to subscribers.

“Your membership unlocks all that Forbes has to offer: unlimited access to our premium journalism, invitations to members-only events, early access to select new product launches and a premium reading experience on,” added Forbes.

Desktop and smartphone screenshots of the MyForbes experience for premium subscribers.
Source: Forbes

The MyForbes experiences includes the following features and benefits:

  • Access to Forbes premium journalism, only available to members
  • Discover recommended writers
  • Discover new articles similar to those subscribers have read previously
  • Get recommendations and access to free newsletters to a range of industries and topics
  • Sign up for daily updates on Forbes’ best stories, exclusive reporting and Forbes’ perspective on the day’s top news stories

When a premium member creates a profile in MyForbes, they can choose topics of interest, writers they want to follow, and newsletters they wish to receive (e.g., Daily Dozen, ForbesWomen, Deal Flow, CryptoCodex, Careers, etc.). If the member is not following any writers yet, Forbes will recommend a selection of writers based on articles they have already read. Also, as subscribers navigate the site, there is a “follow” button in each person’s byline.

Forbes made the announcement to subscribers via email and shared the news on Twitter.

Visitors to the Forbes landing page, from the tweet, will see three pricing options:

  • $6.99 billed monthly
  • $42.00 billed annually (special Labor Day pricing at 50% off)
  • $139.99 billed biannually

Each premium membership renews automatically, but there is no long-term commitment. Subscribers can cancel at any time. In addition to the MyForbes experience, subscribers receive unlimited digital access to Forbes content, a premium reading experience with fewer ads and interruptions, and exclusive access to members-only events including access to an upcoming series about the recession. Student and corporate subscriptions and pricing are also available.

Insider Take

The MyForbes experience is not a new product or tactic, but we love it! It is a great way to add value to subscribers, allowing them to customize their experience and to create a less cluttered experience with fewer ads and interruptions. The better the user experience, the more likely subscribers are to return to the site, and the more they visit, the more likely they are to engage and stay. We love this type of thinking from subscription companies. “What can I give my subscribers that requires an investment on my part, but that will pay dividends long term?” Forbes nailed it!

(Editorial note: This writer/reader personally subscribes and loves the clean, streamlined presentation of the site. MyForbes is a nice bonus at an affordable price point for such quality content.)

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