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Weekly Subscription News: Advertising, Apologies and Added Perks

Featuring Amazon, McClatchy, Axios, Blue Apron, and Netflix

While we were working hard at Subscription Show 2022, the subscription headlines kept coming. Amazon rolled out a new perk for Prime members as their subscription growth slows, Axios is looking at a business model with a 50/50 split between ads and subscription, and Blue Apron tries to balance commitment phobia with subscription demand. Also, the LA Times will shut down its print facility in 2024, Netflix’s ad tier is here, and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologizes for the layoffs.

Amazon Rolls Out New Perk for Prime Members as Subscription Growth Slows

McClatchy Offers Self-Service Ad-Buying Platform
Media Post

Axios Is Building Toward an Even Revenue Split Between Ads and Subscriptions

Blue Apron Balances Commitment Phobia with Subscription Demand

Netflix’s Ads Tier Is Here. What Does It Mean for You?

The LA Times Will Shut Down Printing Facility in 2024
Los Angeles Times

The Independent Is Proposing to Cut Staff by 20% Amid Digital Ad Downturn

Former Twitter Chief Jack Dorsey Issues Apology Amid Mass Layoffs
The Guardian

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