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Weekly Subscription News: Testing, Shopping and Freezing

Featuring Twitch, TikTok, Meta, Truth Social and Uber

This week’s subscription news stories feature testing, shopping, and freezing. Twitch has started testing a paid ‘elevated chat’ feature, TikTok is supposedly bringing live shopping to the U.S. this holiday season, and Meta is freezing hiring and cutting costs. Also, Twitter is rolling out tweet editing to Twitter Blue subscribers, Truth Social’s Android app is now available in the Samsung Galaxy Store, and YouTube is locking 4K playback behind premium subscriptions in their newest test.

Twitch Begins Testing Paid ‘Elevated Chat’ Feature
The Verge

A New Tell-All About the Luxury Industry, a $500-a-Year Newsletter ‘Glitz’
The New York Times

TikTok Will Reportedly Bring Live Shopping to the U.S. This Holiday Season

Mark Zuckerberg Says Meta Will Freeze Hiring and Cut Costs

Twitter Launches First Stage of the Live Roll Out of Tweet Editing
Social Media Today

Truth Social Android App Available in Samsung Galaxy Store
Trump Media & Technology Group

Uber Subscription ‘More Compelling to Users,’ Analyst Says
Yahoo Finance

YouTube Locks 4K Playback Behind Premium Subscriptions in Latest Test
The Verge

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