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Panera Launches Unlimited Sip Club Beverage Subscription

For $10.99 a month, subscribers get unlimited self-serve beverages including coffee, tea, fountain drinks, and lemonade.

Panera had such great success with its coffee and tea subscription service that they’ve launched another beverage subscription service, expanding their subscription to 26 different beverages. For $10.99 a month, Unlimited Sip Club subscribers can enjoy unlimited self-serve beverages, including hot and iced coffee and iced tea, agave lemonade, Pepsi fountain drinks, and Panera’s new Charged Lemonades.

As an incentive to sign up early, customers who subscribe to the Unlimited Sip Club between April 19 and May 6 will enjoy a free subscription through July 4. The beverage subscription service is available to members of the free MyPanera® loyalty rewards program.

“At Panera, we believe in making great food experiences accessible to all—we’re disrupting fast casual once again, providing unlimited access to high-quality beverages at tremendous value—just $10.99 a month,” said Niren Chaudhary, CEO, Panera Bread, in an April 19, 2022 announcement.  

“Our guests have loved the subscription model and the convenience and value it brings to their daily lives.  From our new Charged Lemonades to our fan favorite Passion Papaya Green Iced Tea to bubly™ Lime from PepsiCo, we’re excited to give our guests even more choice and more beverage options to fuel their day,” Chaudhary added.

Available beverages

There are now 26 beverages available through the Unlimited Sip Club, including:

  • Drip Hot Coffee (100% Colombian Light Roast and Dark Roast, Decaf and Hazelnut)
  • Iced Coffee (100% Colombian Dark Roast)
  • Hot Tea (The Republic of Tea premium teas and herbs, including British Breakfast, Earl Greyer, Mango Ceylon, Ginger Peach, Honey Ginseng Green and Orange Ginger Mint Herb)
  • Iced Tea & Lemonade (Black Iced Tea, Sweet Tea, Passion Papaya Green Tea and Agave Lemonade)
  • Fountain Soda (Pepsi®, Diet Pepsi®, Mountain Dew®, Sierra Mist®, bubly™ Lime, Brisk® Raspberry Tea, Dr Pepper® and Canada Dry® Ginger Ale)
  • Charged Lemonades (Fuji Apple Cranberry, Mango Citrus Yuzu and Strawberry Lemon Mint)

Visitors to the Panera Bread website will be greeted with a pop-up offer and a stripe across the website, encouraging customers to sign up now for the free trial which lasts about two and a half months.

Panera Charged Lemonade launch

Panera launched the Unlimited Sip Club beverage subscription service alongside their new Panera Charged Lemonade line that comes in three flavor blends. In addition to the flavors, each lemonade includes a caffeine boost. For example, a 20 ounce Charged Lemonade without ice has the same amount of caffeine as a 20 ounce hot dark roast coffee drink.

“Our three new Charged Lemonades are a refreshing new way to get your energy boost in true Panera fashion – with delicious flavors, powered by Clean plant-based caffeine from guarana and green coffee extract. Using our iconic Agave Lemonade as the base, our chefs added bold flavors like Mango Yuzu and Fuji Apple,” said Eduardo Luz, Chief Brand & Concept Officer, Panera Bread. “These Charged Lemonades reach a new guest looking for an alternative to traditional energy drinks, and are great examples of our culinary principle, The Familiar, Made FantasticTM. With the addition of Charged Lemonades, the Unlimited Sip Club has a distinctive portfolio of drinks that can satisfy all our guests.”

Insider Take

Panera originally tested the beverage subscription service in the spring of 2020 in an attempt to bring customers back into the store during the pandemic. They offered unlimited premium hot coffee, hot tea and iced coffee for $8.99 a month. The company boosted subscriptions with a very popular #FREECOFFEE4SUMMER promotion. The company is building on that success. They are not the only company offering beverage subscription services, but they are certainly doing it right, appealing to a wide customer base.  

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