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Inspirato Launches Travel Subscription with $24K Price Tag

Think of as an Airbnb for jet setters

After two years of being cooped up, luxury travelers are eager to put vacations back on their calendars, and they now have new travel subscription options, thanks to Inspirato. With their new travel subscription service, Inspirato Select, travelers can select three trips a year from a variety of options. The company’s overview page for the travel subscription touts a hefty $24,000 price tag, with a one-time $2,000 enrollment fee Eligible users who enroll within a limited window will receive an additional Inspirato trip for free.

The travel subscription fee also includes an Inspirato membership with Family Sharing, which is valued at $10,800. For these trips, subscribers can stay between two and 14 nights, and can select from more than 500,000 choices in over 150 destinations. With an Inspirato Select subscription, stays can be at luxury or boutique hotels, as well as resorts. Available properties can be found on their website.

How it works

The Inspirato Select travel subscription allows subscribers to:

  • Select who will travel
  • Select when they will travel
  • Select their destinations
  • Access the Inspirato Club for extra benefits

In a press release, Inspirato shared that all Inspirato Select Trips are 100% transferrable and can be shared with others at no additional cost. With this option, trips can be gifted to friends or family, or can be used as a way incentives for business partners or employees. Trips can be booked up to one year in advance. Inspirato Select trips include all nightly rates, taxes and fees for trips booked. However, travelers are responsible for their own travel costs including airline tickets, rental cars, consumables, etc.

After a subscriber’s three initial trips, packages of Inspirato Select Trips are available to current Inspirato subscribers as an optional enhancement to their existing subscription. This option is priced out at $20,000 for four trips.

“With incredible pent-up demand, now is the right time to introduce this simple, cost-effective solution designed to help consumers leverage the power of Inspirato travel in all areas of their lives. And as our most flexible sharable subscription to date, we believe Inspirato Select will enhance the built-in network effect of our business model by introducing the distinctive Inspirato luxury travel experience to a broader audience of travelers,” Brent Handler of Inspirato said of the launch of the company’s newest offering.

This is a different service than Inspirato’s Pass service, which costs subscribers $2,500 per month. For the Pass travel subscription, there is no long-term commitment, but there are fewer destinations to travel to. Additionally, there is more flexibility with how many Pass Trips can be taken per year. Inspirato Pass can also be used to order lifestyle merchandise as well as experiences through their Beyond Travel program.

Inspirato’s lowest costing tier, Club, gives subscribers access to book travel at members-only nightly rates at Inspirato destinations, for a fee of $600 per month. Members can add a Family Sharing Plan or a Premium Sharing plan for an additional fee to invite friends or family to enjoy trips as well.

If guests are unsure which travel option works best for them, Inspirato has a quiz to help them decide between the three options. All tiers of Inspirato’s travel subscriptions offer Inspirato Only travel experiences and expeditions, personalized service throughout the destinations, pre-trip planning, concierge, and daily housekeeping. Club, Pass and Select do not have a long-term commitment window, but do require that you have an active subscription to book and plan trips.

Insider Take

The $24,000 price tag is out of reach for many travelers, but for those who can afford it, the Inspirato Select travel subscription may have some appeal. The benefits of the program are access to luxury destinations and the flexibility in who can use it and when. Think of it as an Airbnb for the jet set. Travelers get access to million-dollar vacation homes they might not otherwise be able to book for a vacation. However, the trips are not all inclusive. They do not include airfare or rental cars, for example. If you can afford a $24,000 a year travel subscription though, perhaps budgeting for airfare isn’t an issue.

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