American Aires Launches Subscription Program

American Aires Launches Subscription Program

Helping customers pay for Aires products over time while providing recurring revenue and stronger customer relationships

American Aires Inc. (Aires), a global nanotechnology company that creates products to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), is launching a subscription program. Through the new multi-year subscription program, which was first announced in February, customers can purchase Aires’ Lifetune products over time. The subscription program will also give the Canadian-based company more predictable recurring revenue and help it strengthen its relationships with customers long-term.

The subscription program is being launched to complement other growth initiatives, including ecommerce, drop shipping, and affiliate/influencer marketing programs, designed to create long-term sustainability and multiple revenue streams for the company. Aires said the subscription model will be easy to implement, and it will provide the following benefits for the company:

Aires Lifetune Personal
Aires Lifetune Personal. Image courtesy of Aires.
  • Meet a need to allow customers to provide multiple products for their homes without having major upfront costs for EMR protection for devices (e.g., cell phones, cordless phones, headsets, smart TVs, baby monitors, Bluetooth, etc.), pets, people and rooms (e.g., offices, cars, bedrooms, boardrooms, children’s playrooms). Products range in price from $59.95 for device protection to $299.95 for rooms, and subscriptions are available on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Improve sales conversion rates by reducing barriers to entry with a lower price point
  • Provide an improved customer experience through convenient monthly payments
  • Provide predictable, sustainable revenue for the company
  • Reduce churn and improve retention, ROI and lifetime value by deepening customer relationship

“By providing this new subscription option for the purchase of our products, we are making it even easier for potential customers to do business with us, while at the same time, increasing the potential value of each individual customer. This new model is also highly scalable and will provide the Company with a predictable, recurring revenue stream that does not require any additional recurring costs to maintain. We are very excited about offering this solution to our customers and feel it comes at the perfect time as we begin to put significant effort into marketing our products worldwide,” said Dimitry Serov, Aires CEO, in the company’s April 14 announcement.

New drop shipping program

In related news, this week Aires also noted that it was in the process of onboarding more than 30 online stores through its new drop shipping program. This expands Aires potential customer base. The company hopes to add another 20 online stores each month with a total of 200 partners by the end of the year.

“We are very pleased with the amount of interest this drop shipping program has already received. Aires will continue to aggressively pursue creative and effective marketing avenues that will allow the Company to attain the fastest possible growth globally and we are excited to see the significant increase in revenue that this initiative will provide to Aires in the immediate future. We look forward to reporting to stakeholders on our continued progress,” Serov said.

Insider Take

Launched in 2012, Aires has invested more than $20 million in research and development to create its EMR protection product line. To date, the company has received 11 patents and has 14 patents and 18 trademarks pending. Based on the company’s news this week, its subscription program and other marketing initiatives, the company appears to be in growth mode. Though their products are not priced out of reach for some consumers, a subscription model will help EMR protection products become more accessible to more people while providing the company with recurring revenue to continue operations and reinvest in growth.

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