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Weekly Subscription News: Fulfillment, Freebies and Fizzling News Engagement

Featuring Grubhub, Nacha, Newsweek and Apple

This week, our subscription roundup includes articles on merchant fulfillment, free subscriptions and fizzling news engagement. Amazon Prime offers members a free Grubhub+ subscription for a year, certain COVID-related relief from Nacha operating rule provisions expires in October, and Apple’s lockdown mode hopes to combat spyware. Also, a lawsuit seeks to reverse a 2018 Newsweek acquisition deal, Shopify completes its purchase of Deliverr, and Axios reports that news engagement is fizzling as Americans tune out.

Amazon Prime Members Get Free Grubhub+ Subscription for a Year
CBS News

COVID-Related Relief from Certain Nacha Operating Rule Provisions Expires Oct. 1

Apple’s Lockdown Mode Aims to Counter Spyware Threats

Lawsuit Seeks to Kill 2018 Newsweek Ownership Deal
Media Post

Shopify Completes Acquisition of Deliverr to Expand Fulfillment for Merchants
Shopify Newsroom

News Media Alliance and the Association of Magazine Media Have Merged
News/Media Alliance

Spotify Brings Its Video Podcasts to Six New Countries

News Engagement Plummets as Americans Tune Out

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