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Weekly Subscription News: Batman, Back Rent and Back to Local Owners

Featuring Conde Nast, HBO Max, Caitec, Quake and Twitter Spaces

In this week’s subscription headlines, Conde Nast’s parent company pays $10 million in back rent for its Trade Center office, HBO Max gets exclusive podcasts, beginning with Batman, and Caitec plans to acquire KitNipBox, a cat subscription service. Also, Gannett has sold 23 newspapers back to local owners, subscription podcast company Quake raises $3.5 million in funding, and Twitter Spaces adds a co-hosting features.

Conde Nast Parent Pays $10 Million in Back Rent for Trade Center Office
Media Post

HBO Max Is Getting Its Own Exclusive Podcasts, Starting with Batman
The Verge

Caitec Announces Acquisition of KitNipBox Cat Subscription Service
Pet Age

Subscription Podcast Company Quake Raises $3.5 Million in New Funding Round

Gannett Has Sold 23 Publications Back to Local Owners

YouTube to Disperse Monthly Payments from $100 to $10K to Thousands of Creators

Twitter Spaces Now Lets You Invite Co-Hosts

Microsoft Acquires Seattle Startup Suplari, Which Uses AI to Analyze Corporate Spending

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