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Featuring Warner Bros., Time Magazine, Grover and Charter

This week’s subscription news headlines are dominated by million-dollar investments and penalties, movie debuts and magazines. Warner Bros. will debut its blockbuster films in theaters in 2022 before they will premiere on streaming services, TIME Magazine now accepts Bitcoin, and Grover raises $71 million to grow its consumer electronics subscription business.

Also, Charter Communications must pay $19.2 million to Windstream for tricking customers into switching their ISPs, Gawker is prepping for (another) relaunch, and USA Today lost more than half its print sales last year.

Warner Bros. Blockbusters to Debut in Theatres in 2022 Before Debut on Streaming

Arma Karma Launches Subscription-Based Policy for Renters
Insurance Times (UK)

TIME Magazine Accepts Bitcoin, Plans Crypto Video Series
Media Post

Grover Raises $71M to Grow Consumer Electronics Subscription Business

USA Today Lost More Than Half Its Print Sales Last Year
Press Gazette

Charter Communications Must Pay $19M for Tricking Customers into Switching ISPs
Ars Technica

Gawker Is Getting Another Relaunch with Former Gawker Editor

Lee Enterprise to Cut Staff, Sell Real Estate at Virginia Paper
Media Post

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