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Weekly Subscription News: Regulations, Restaurants and Revenue

Featuring Grubhub, Threads, Wirecutter and OpenAI

Proposed regulations, the restaurant industry and affiliate revenue all made the subscription headlines this week. President Biden has urged lawmakers to regulate social media, Grubhub says subscription commerce is taking over the restaurant industry, and Wirecutter’s social strategy helped drive affiliate revenue on Amazon Prime Day. We’ve also got links to articles about Threads, Instagram and Cheddar News.

Threads Adds a Chronological Feed as Twitter Burns to the Ground

Walmart Cuts Price for Subscription Service for Some Subscribers
Deltaplex News

Instagram Expands Creator Subscriptions in Australia, Canada, the UK and More

Grubhub Says Subscription Commerce Is Taking Over the Restaurant Industry

Biden Urges Lawmakers to Regulate Social Media
Media Post

How Wirecutter’s Social Strategy Led to Increased Prime Day Affiliate Revenue

Altice USA Said to be Considering a Sale of Cheddar News
The New York Times

Meta, Google and OpenAI Reveal Their Safety Plans Following White House Summit
The Verge

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