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Weekly Subscription News: Key Fobs, Features and For-Profit Prisons

Featuring Zestworld, Netflix, Toyota, the EU and Discord

There is never a dull moment in the subscription economy. In this week’s subscription news, a for-profit prison announces a new premium subscription for wealthy inmates, and next year a European newsroom will launch that features reporting from 16 member state news agencies. Also, Toyota is making its key fob remote start into a subscription service, YouTube is testing a feature to organize subscription feeds into collections for easier use, and a new study shows that Netflix Originals see a significant decline in viewership after their initial surge.

Local For-Profit Prison Announces New ‘Premium’ Subscription for Wealthy Inmates
The Stanford Daily

First “European Newsroom” Will Launch Next Year with 16 EU Member State News Agencies
Nieman Lab

A New Publishing Platform for Comic Books – Zestworld – Will Give Creators a Greater Stake
The New York Times

Netflix Originals Suffer Sharp Viewership Drop After Initial Surge
Fierce Video

Toyota Made Its Key Fob Remote Start into a Subscription Service
The Drive

Komplete Now Is Native Instruments’ Subscription Plan for Producers on a Budget

YouTube’s Latest Test Feature Attempts to Organize the Subscriptions Feed

Discord Lets Creators Monetize Their Communities with Subscription-Based Memberships

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