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Weekly Subscription News: Payments, In-App Purchases and Antitrust Probe

Featuring Uber, Lyft, Zuora, GoCardless, Facebook and Blue Cube Travel

This week, Uber, Lyft, Blue Cube Travel, Facebook and Spotify dominate the subscription headlines. In an unexpected move, a California appeals court judge grants Uber and Lyft a temporary stay in the reclassification of drivers, Zuora and GoCardless expand their global subscription payment partnership, and the UK’s Blue Cube Travel breaks new ground with the subscription model. Also this week, Netflix adds a content shuffling feature to make watching streaming TV more like traditional TV, the Federal Trade Commission interviews Mark Zuckerberg as part of its antitrust probe into Facebook, and Spotify has a counterfeit podcast problem.

Judge Grants Uber and Lyft Temporary Stay in Driver Reclassification Case

Zuora and GoCardless Expand Partnership to Revolutionize Global Subscription Payments

UK Corporate Travel Agency, Blue Cube Travel, Breaks New Ground with Subscription Model

Zuckerberg Interviewed by FTC as Part of Antitrust Probe into Facebook

Netflix Rolls Out Content Shuffling So Viewers Feel Like They’re Watching Traditional TV

Trump’s Washington Post Ad Buy Contrasts with Paper’s Motto, Sparks Furious Debate
Fast Company

Game of Whack-a-Mole: Spotify Has a Counterfeit Podcast Problem

Apple Won’t Force WordPress to Offer In-App Purchases

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