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Weekly Subscription News: Fellowships, Political Ads and Pricing

Featuring Google, Mesh, National Geographic and Sam’s Club

This has been a busy week on the subscription front! Here are a few of the latest headlines. U.S. media outlets balk at the terms for Google’s “News Showcase,” National Geographic lays off six of its top editors, and the State of California will provide $25 million in local reporting fellowships. Also, a judge sides with Facebook over political ads in Washington state, Mesh Payments raises $60M in funding, and Sam’s Club raises membership fees for the first time in nine years.

Google’s ‘News Showcase’ Stalls in U.S. as Media Outlets Balk at Terms
The Wall Street Journal

National Geographic Magazine Lays Off Six Top Editors
The Washington Post

Mesh Payments Bags $60M as B2B Payments Market Heats Up
Tech Funding News

State of California Will Fund $25M in Local Reporting Fellowships
Nieman Lab

Bridging the Gap Between Advertising and Subscription Revenue
What’s New in Publishing

Judge Sides Against Facebook in Battle over Washington State Political Ads
Media Post

Restaurant Subscription Service off to Fast Start with $2M Crowdfunding Campaign
WRAL TechWire

Sam’s Club Hikes Membership Fees for First Time in 9 Years

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