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Grow your Direct-to-Consumer business.LAVENTA Partners comprises C-level experts in D2C business strategy, marketing, operations, information technology, and analytics.

The key to your long-term success with direct-to-consumer lies in ensuring all these workstreams support each other, are seamlessly integrated, and have good data for those important decisions.

While there is a need to have an organization that brings all the D2C expertise together, you can apply our whole team or augment your team with just the disciplines you most need. DRTV, digital media, Direct Response infomercial creation, Social and Broadcast marketing, Product Packaging, D2C Order Processing Technologies, Subscriptions, Analytics, or Customer Service.

We can also take responsibility for executing the strategy and ensuring that cross-functional teams work collaboratively and efficiently, ultimately leading to efficiencies and improved profits. We help you establish a strategy to build your business, design solutions, and ensure you have the expertise you need to avoid making costly mistakes.

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