Weekly Subscription News: Loyalty Programs, Porsches and Paywalls

Featuring Chargebee, New York Times, Nutanix and Vogue

Weekly Subscription News: Loyalty Programs

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This weeks subscription headlines loyalty program, Porsches and paywalls as well as transitions, testing and tools: Chargebee raises $14 million for subscription service tools, Porsche expands into four more cities, and The New York Times is testing a tighter paywall. Also, Nutanix is seeing success with its transition from hardware sales to software subscriptions, The Athletic is giving free content a go, and Vogue is hoping a new loyalty program will drive subscriptions.

Chargebee Raises $14 Million for Subscription Service Tools
Venture Beat

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Porsche Brings Subscription Service to Four More Cities

The New York Times Tests Stricter Register Paywall
Publishers Daily

Nutanix Claims Success in Transition from Hardware Sales to Software Subscription

The Athletic Is Experimenting with Free Content

SiriusXM Launches New Streaming Subscription Offer for College Students Nationwide
PR Newswire

Google Ditches Subscription Model for YouTube Original Content

Vogue Launches Loyalty Program to Drive Subscription