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Weekly Subscription News: Resorts, Reels and Revenue

Featuring Disney, Instagram, Grover and Bloomberg

In this week’s subscription news roundup, Disney is offering Disney+ subscribers a discount at Disney World resorts (but not at the theme parks), and Elon Musk was Twitter to stop showing ads to paid subscribers. Also, Lee Enterprises quietly cuts jobs after Alden Global Capital’s failed hostile takeover attempt, Reels creators say their payouts are dramatically reduced, and more than half of consumers want a streaming bundle.

Disney+ Subscribers Can Now Get a Discount at Disney World Resorts
Cord Cutters News

Musk Wants Twitter to Stop Flooding Paid Subscribers with Ads

Lee Quietly Slashes Jobs Following Hostile Takeover Attempt

Reels Creators Say Monthly Payouts Have Been Cut By As Much As 70%

Over Half of Consumers Want a Streaming Bundle Option

New Jersey Hills Media Group Converts to Nonprofit Ownership
The Bernardsville News

Grover Grabs $330M to Double Down on Circular Economy with Consumer Electronics Subscriptions

Bloomberg Looks to Subscription Revenue for the Stability That Advertising Can’t Provide
Ad Exchanger

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