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Weekly Subscription News: Premium, Prices and Payment Processing

Featuring PlayStation, the Wall Street Journal, Riot Games and PaySprint

In this week’s subscription news headlines, Vox Media Union reaches a tentative deal, avoiding and strike, and PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium are now live in the U.S. Also, soaring newsprint prices signal even more trouble for the journalism crisis, Riot Games gives away free content to Game Pass subscribers, and PaySprint launches subscription-based payment processing.

Vox Media Union Reaches Tentative Deal, Avoids Strike
The Hollywood Reporter

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium Now Live in the U.S.
The Verge

WSJ Debuts New Commerce Site “Buy Side”

Riot Games Giving Away a Ton of Free Content to Game Pass Subscribers

Apple Music & Gaming to Bring in Over $8B in Revenue by 2025

Canada’s PaySprint Launches Subscription-Based Payment Processing

Soaring Newsprint Prices Worsen Local Journalism Crisis
The Seattle Times

Facebook Rethinks News Deals, Publishers Stand to Lose Millions in Payments
Wall Street Journal

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