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Weekly Subscription News: Launches, Labor Fights and Lite Labels

Featuring Entrepreneur, FintechCashier, The New York Times and TikTok

In a deal with the Biden administration, TikTok is negotiating to stay in the U.S., and Entrepreneur Media launches their own streaming service, Entrepreneur TV. Also this week, FintechCashier launches LiteLabel banking-as-a-service subscription, Substack launches a new reader for the web, and Walmart joins the metaverse with two virtual worlds on Roblox.

TikTok Can Keep Operating in US Under Deal Being Worked out with Biden Administration
Ars Technica

Entrepreneur Media Launches Streaming Service ‘Entrepreneur TV’
Media Post

Digital Ally Announces Over $1M in August Subscription Orders
Yahoo Finance

FintechCashier Launches Lite Label BaaS Subscription
The Paypers

Substack Launches New Substack Reader for the Web

The New York Times’ Labor Fight Is Demoralizing the Newsroom
Vanity Fair

Walmart Arrives on Roblox with Two Virtual Worlds to Engage Young Shoppers

Pointe Launches Pointe+, a Digital Subscription for Ballet Dancers
Dance Magazine

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