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This was another exciting week in the wonderful world of subscriptions. The Tokyo Olympic Games had seven times higher viewership on YouTube than the Rio Games, Gannett is selling its Lake of the Ozarks titles to Vernon Publishing, and Medium is reworking its business model – again. Also this week, WarnerMedia is reportedly in talks to sell TMZ to Fox, USA Today is putting its crossword behind a paywall and ViacomCBS’s streaming revenue jumped 92% to $983 million.

Streaming Olympics: YouTube Viewing During Tokyo Games 7 Times More Than Rio

Instagram Testing Photo Ads within its ‘Shop’ Tab

Medium Will Begin Offering Writers a 50% Cut of Subscriber Revenue

Gannett to Sell Lake of the Ozarks Titles to Vernon Publishing
Media Post

ViacomCBS Q2 Update: Streaming Revenue Leaps 92% to $983 Million
Sports Pro Media

WarnerMedia in Talks to Celebrity Gossip Outlet TMZ to Fox
Business Insider

Report: Amazon Awarded Secret $10B NSA Cloud Computing Contract, Microsoft Files Protest

USA Today Relaunches Subscription Crossword App

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