Video Viewing Survey Yields Surprising Results

Four out of 10 households in the U.S. have digital video subscriptions. This is just one of the statistics that came out of a

Four out of 10 households in the U.S. have digital video subscriptions. This is just one of the statistics that came out of a comScore survey on video viewing habits last week. Given the heavy saturation of advertising of digital video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, it would be easy to assume the results would be higher. Of those who do subscribe, however, 32% report their favorite digital video subscription service is Netflix. Amazon came in second at 19% and Hulu Plus in third at 9%.Another surprising statistic from the survey is that traditional televisions are still the preferred device for TV viewing for adults in all age groups (18-34, 35-54 and 55+). Within the month prior to the survey, 83% of Millenials, ages 18 to 34, reported watching an original TV series on a traditional television, just a little less than the 92% of those ages 35 to 54 and 96% of Americans ages 55 and up.In contrast, Millenials were the highest group of viewers to report watching an original TV program on a desktop or laptop computer (44%), tablet (49%) or smartphone (31%) within the last month. This could mean that Millenials will eventually detach themselves from their large screen TVs. Or, given, the pervasive presence of TIVO and DVR recording, it may simply be an indication that Millennials prefer to watch on-demand and the device they use depends on their location and access.Other findings show that Millenials prefer to binge-watch their favorite episodes of Game of Thrones on internet-connected devices like Apple TV, a gaming console like PlayStation, or a Blu-Ray player. Many adults are still watching programs live, but that is gradually shifting with 46% of Millenials watching programs after they’ve aired, compared to 35% for 35 to 54 year olds and 30% for adults 55 and up.What does this all mean? Our TV habits are changing, particularly by age group, and companies like Netflix and Amazon are paying attention. We still want to watch our favorite programs on the big screen, but we want the option of taking our shows on the go and watching them at our convenience. The younger we are, the more mobile and flexible we want our entertainment to be. It remains to be seen how these entertainment consumption habits will affect business publications, but you can be sure that more video will be expected in the digital environment.

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