Five on Friday: October 2nd, 2015

five on fridayAs an INSIDER Guide, I’m constantly keeping an eye out for bite-size information that will help you develop and scale better subscription products. Here’s my “Five on Friday” list for October 2nd, featuring the five best trends, tips, quotes or stats from my reading this week.

1. What’s Your Take on the Facebook “Dislike” Button?

So far, it’s been pretty low risk to put up a business-centric Facebook page.   After all, comments aside, people can only Like us.  But now that Facebook has announced that a “Dislike” button is in the works, will we dislike Facebook?  Hubspot is asking, and here are the answers so far:

dislike button

What was my vote?  I think we have waaay too many ways to express disgust, disapproval and disapprobation on the web already, but that’s just me.  I dislike the Dislike button, but Like the fact that Facebook is giving its users what they – what we – want.

2. Proofreading Tips for the Online Writer

Small, new subscription businesses do the best we can proofreading, understanding that people who pay for content expect it to look like it was prepared with care. But how can we help our writers help us?  The CopyBot has a solid, if (16-minute) long, podcast on the topic that’s worth the time for any harried writer or publisher.

3. Manage Your Personal Brand, Too

While the blog post this quote comes from doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know, these lines are worth remembering:

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You already have a personal brand – if you don’t control it, it’s being shaped for you by other people. Your personal brand perception is out there, you can manage it or you can let others take it away from you. Up to you.

Those of us with small subscription businesses need to take this even more seriously than others – our brand and our company’s brand are inextricably linked.  Or should be.  Invest at least a little time every month in expanding your personal brand.

4. Is Augmented Reality Technology the Wave of the Subscription Future?

Imagine offering stories, gaming or other interactive subscription experiences enhanced with 3-D video. According to Mashable, that’s exactly what augmented-reality company Magic Leap is offering.  The company will be enabling, through SDK, the ability to create your own AR enhancements. 


A subscription-box with a new 3-D adventure every month, anyone?  Question – would there even need to be a box? Hmmmm……

5. One Isn’t the Loneliest Number, After All

Running that terrific subscription business of yours all by your lonesome?  Of the 28 million small businesses in the country, 22 million are “non-employers.”

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Diane Pierson has deep experience in product management and marketing, having delivered results to companies including Dun & Bradstreet, LexisNexis, American Lawyer Media and Copyright Clearance Center. She has built products & services that have delivered over $100 million in revenue and knows what works, and what doesn’t, when executing product plans and strategies. She is also a contributor to Subscription Insider. (Read Diane’s full Bio)