Essentials For Scaling Your Subscription Business: Preparing Your Operations For Financial Growth

Only 1% of start-ups effectively grow into a medium- or large-sized business. If your company is not prepared to scale from start-up to beyond, your business will not achieve its true potential.

In this on-demand video, Kathy Greenler Sexton, CEO of Subscription Insider and Raj Sabhlok, President of Zoho discuss key issues, trends and tactics for successfully scaling your subscription business.

With 45+ million users and over two decades of experience in the SaaS industry, Zoho has understood the intricacies and hurdles to overcome when scaling a subscription business. In addition to bringing his expertise as President of Zoho Corp, Raj will also share his knowledge on being a part of businesses that have scaled successfully.

Kathy and Raj will discuss what subscription and recurring-revenue based businesses need to understand in order to set themselves up operationally for successful financial growth, including:

  • Business trends impacting recurring revenue businesses today.
  • The importance of digital transformation and customer experience.
  • The subscription economy, what it offers and why there is an inclination towards it.
  • Essentials for scaling your business operationally.
  • Tools to manage your subscription business
  • Operational areas to stay on top of when scaling your business. 


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