Case Study Lessons: When Open-Access is a Great Marketing and Retention Tactic

I’ve previously written about how open-access laws in the UK and US are threatening some subscription site businesses, while other uses of open-access (such as after a natural disaster) can create great PR opportunities.But Vet Visuals International, a streaming video and e-learning site for veterinarians, is using open-access to build customer loyalty among students. Specifically, the site gives free access to any veterinarian student in their last two years of vet school.Publisher Andre Romjin said that approximately 70% to 80% of students convert to paying subscribers upon graduation. That’s a phenomenal conversion rate for a lead generation program, even if it does require two years of nurturing.We’ve seen other subscription sites, like The Nation, attempt to draw in younger crowds with student offers. But this is by far my favorite for B2B sites since it nurtures brand loyalty early on in a professional’s career, when s/he is most struggling to make a name and likely to be grateful for any help or assistance provided.Of course, the quality of Vet Visuals International’s content is also what contributes to this brand loyalty, and you can read about the site’s advanced post-production procedures for educational videos, along with their tactics for retaining 90% of paying subscribers, in this week’s Case Study on Subscription Site Insider.

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