Banner Ads That Actually Engage Viewers

Since many of our readers are running hybrid sites (i.e., generating revenue from both subscriptions and advertising), or looking to run ads for their own product or services, I thought I’d take today to write about banner ads.Banner ads have long been the stepchild of digital marketing, loved neither by audiences or publishers.But recently, Werther’s Original ran a banner ad on the Food Network site that was both interactive, social and relevant.First, the banner expands to be prominent above the header. Then it asks an engaging question, relevant to the season in which it ran.

The banner then allows viewers to engage with the brand on Facebook. Note that clicking a button doesn’t take you away from the page you were viewing on the Food Network site. This is critical for getting people to engage with your ad.

Lastly, the ad incorporates video. This is a killer technique for a banner ad, especially if the video is easily viewed in a small size (with the option to expand), so that visitors can stay on the same page.

In fact, you don’t have to use this technique just for banner ads. The Media Briefing actually incorporates its welcome video into the header of each of its article pages.The question is — Will paying subscribers be okay with such dynamic advertising? To find out, attend this month’s Webinar at Subscription Site Insider: Ad Sales for Paywall Sites on Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 1pm ET. It’s $247, but FREE with membership!

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