Add New Online Tools, Not Just New Content, To Retain Subscribers

The eCard industry is pretty flush with free product, but U.K.-based eCard site Katie’s Cards is turning a profit with paid content and subscribers across the globe.What are they doing differently from the naysayers who think there’s no market for high-quality, artistic content on the Web? Well, a number of things, including a unique pricing model that combines B2B one-off sales and B2C subscriptions. But one of the things I like the most is that the site doesn’t just look to attract and retain subscribers through new content — it’s also been adding great online tools to keep subscribers engaged.For example, the site lets subscribers upload contact names and email addresses to an address book on the site. It also lets subscribers pre-schedule the delivery of an eCard, a HUGE convenience and time-saver. And the site’s homepage has a sidebar listing upcoming holidays — a great way for returning users to see the year-long value of the service, even if they can’t remember anyone’s birthday.

As I’ve said many times before, if you want to make money with content, you have to play to the strength of the medium you’re using. For television that means highly visual content, even if it’s not as in-depth as the printed word. For tablets, that means long reads. For mobile devices, that means short, pithy updates in a timely fashion. And for websites, that means interactive tools that make one’s life easier.If you want to learn more about how Katie’s Cards is selling its high-quality artistic content to both businesses and consumers and using Facebook to market to and retain subscribers, check out the Case Study on our sister site Subscription Site Insider.

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