April 1, 2014

Twitter May Convert More Site Visitors to Loyal Readers than Facebook or Google

By Minal Bopaiah New York magazine’s pop culture site Vulture and Chartwell have teamed up to discern what makes a site visitor return to a site. While Vulture is not a subscription site, the study is interesting for one main reason — it looked at time on site as a function of initial referral source. It turns out that visitors who landed on the Vulture site from Twitter were 50% more likely to return than those that landed…

Best Practices for Merchants in Response to Data Breaches

With the recent spate of data breaches at major retailers, exposing credit card and personal information for an estimated 110 million Americans, the payments sphere is in a whirlwind of activity.Card not present merchants are already feeling the impacts, and a change or review in best practices and current processes is certainly a good idea. So, what can a CNP merchant expect?

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