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Weekly Subscription News: Fundraising, Revenue and Relaunches

Featuring PlayStation Plus, CNN, TIME and University of Maryland

In this week’s subscription news, Meta posts another revenue decline, PlayStation Plus has lost 1.9 million subscribers since its relaunch, and CNN is cutting back on original programming. Also, TikTok launches a TikTok Academy to help small businesses be successful, University of Maryland launches a subscription-based platform, and TIME magazine launches its first interactive cover.

Meta Posts Another Revenue Decline as Investors Voice Metaverse Concerns

PlayStation Plus Has Lost 1.9M Subscribers Since Relaunch

CNN Cuts Back on Original Series and Films
The New York Times

TikTok Launches TikTok Academy to Help Small Businesses Be Successful

University of Maryland Introduces New Subscription-Based Platform, Terps+

TIME Magazine Debuts Its First Interactive Cover
Media Post

Exclusive: Twitter Is Losing Its Most Active Users, Internal Documents Show

Former Hill Owner Raised $40M to Launch Daily Mail, Washington Post Hybrid

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