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Weekly Subscription News: AI Generators, Gaming and Streaming

Featuring Getty, Game Pass, Hyundai, Walmart and Snapchat

In this week’s subscription news roundup, Getty makes an AI generator that is only trained on its licensed images, Walmart debuts a new subscription service, and Snapchat+ hits another milestone – growing to 5 million subscribers. The biggest streaming companies join the first official trade group, Game Pass is projected to make $8 billion by 2030, and Google Podcasts are going away and moving to YouTube.

Getty Made an AI Generator That Only Trained on Its Licensed Images
The Verge

Game Pass to Make $8B Revenue by 2030, Microsoft Hopes

Hyundai Partners with Norwegian Startup Casi for European Car Subscription Services

Walmart Debuts New Subscription Service
Winsight Grocery Business

Snapchat+ Grows to 5 Million Subscribers

How Transparency and High Earners Power a $96B Subscription Industry

Biggest Streaming Companies Join First Official Trade Group

Google Podcasts Is Going Away with YouTube to Get All Shows and Users

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