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Weekly Subscription News: Reels, Revenue and Reducing Churn

Featuring RingCentral, Instagram and X

In this week’s subscription news roundup, PYMTS shares that subscription businesses are testing new pricing models to reduce churn, RingCentral launches a subscription service for devices (DaaS), and Business Insider reports that companies are banking money off subscribers who forget they signed up for subscriptions. Also, we learn more about the future of direct-to-consumer wine selling, and X wants permission to access user biometrics and employment history.

Subscription Businesses Test New Pricing Models to Curb Membership Churn

RingCentral Launches Subscription Service for Handsets
UC Today

Weaker Subscription Deals Have Hit Indie Publishers, Says Analyst
Games Industry Biz

The Future World of DTC Wine Selling

Companies Are Making Bank Off You Forgetting You Signed Up For That Subscription
Business Insider

The Great Unsubscribe: What’s Next for Subscriptions and Recurring Revenue?

X Wants Permission to Start Collecting Your Biometric Data and Employment History
The Verge

Instagram Is Internally Testing the Ability to Create Reels up to 10 Minutes Long

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