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Weekly Subscription News: Fixes, Freebies and Fiascos

Featuring Netflix, BuzzFeed, Roku and Cloudflare

This week’s subscription headlines include fixes, freebies and fiascos. Netflix looks at the Asia-Pacific market to fix its subscription crisis, Roku adds eight free local NBC channels to the line-up, and the BuzzFeed SPAC fiasco continues. In other subscription news, one analyst says that Apple may have as many as 40 million subscribers for Apple TV+, CNBC asks if media companies can weather a recession, and The Washington Post wants to give subscribers a good deal on digital subscriptions – until 2072!

Netflix Looking at Asia to Fix Its Subscription Crisis

The Washington Post Wants to Give You a Good Deal on a Digital Subscription – Until 2072
Nieman Lab

Cloudflare Outage Hits Discord, Other Services in India

Apple May Have 40M Subscribers for Streaming TV Service

Can Media Companies Weather a Recession?

Facebook is Testing Discord-like Audio Channels in Groups

The BuzzFeed SPAC Fiasco Is Only Getting Worse

Roku Adds Eight Free Local NBC News Channels

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