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Weekly Subscription News: Secrets, Services and Taking Sides

Featuring TikTok, Paramount+, American Banker and CNN+

In this week’s subscription roundup, Europe’s new digital services act will force TikTok to reveal some of its secrets, Paramount Plus has close to 40 million subscribers, and American Banker launches a premium subscription service. Also, Telegram is testing paid features including emojis and stickers, Facebook pulls the plug on podcasts, and the Biden Administration sides against Amazon in a D.C. antitrust battle.

Europe’s New Law Will Force Secretive TikTok to Open Up

Paramount Plus Subscriber Count Has Grown to Nearly 40 Million
The Verge

American Banker Launches Premium Subscription Service
Media Post

Paid Telegram Features Appear in Latest Beta

Facebook Pulls the Plug on Podcast Business After a Year

Inside the Chaotic Collapse of CNN+

Payments Help Move Gaming Metaverse Beyond Today’s Tip of the Iceberg

Biden Administration Sides Against Amazon in D.C. Antitrust Battle
Media Post

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