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Weekly Subscription News: AI, VR and Leaving Twitter

Featuring Peacock, NPR, YouTube and h3h3

In addition to the daily news articles we reported this week, there are plenty of subscription stories to tell. Perhaps the hottest is NPR leaving Twitter, after Twitter marked them as “government funded media.” Also this week, Google TV added free streaming channels including Tubi, Peacock launched on Meta Quest VR, and Rent the Runway sees a rise in revenue and subscribers.

NPR Officially Leaves Twitter

Google TV Expands Free Streaming Lineup with Tubi, Plex and Haystack

As Subscription Bubble Bursts, Experts Advise Fast Pivot to Retention Strategies

Rent the Runway Q4 Revenue Climbs as Active Subscribers Rise

Peacock Launches on Meta Quest VR Devices

YouTube Sunday NFL Subscription Presale Starts at $249
Insider Sport

Publishers Create Task Forces to Oversee AI Programs

A Court Battle Brews Between h3h3 and BBTV for YouTube Channel Membership Revenue

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