Google Searching for Subscription Revenue with Twitch Acquisition and Google Maps B2B Play

CORRECTION: The story incorrectly reported that Google bought YouTube, when in fact the sale was only rumored at the time. On August 26, we reported (with confirmation from Amazon) that Amazon has purchased Twitch for $970 million. Google seems to be on a frenzied search for subscription revenues, given their recent acquisitions and launches. First, the search engine giant and parent company of YouTube bought Twitch, a subscription site for live streaming of video game playing, for $1 billion.…

NatGeo Teams Up with Epic eBooks and LinkedIn Buys Newsle

Two smart moves by two smart giants in the subscription industry. One, National Geographic has teamed up with Epic eBooks,  to make its eBook titles available to more children through Epic's iPhone and iPad apps. National Geographic will be offering titles like Dog Finds Lost Dolphins from the popular National Geographic Kids Chapters series, Sharks from the leveled National Geographic Kids Readers series, and other fun titles like Myths Busted. The move is smart one for both publications. While there…

Subscription Site Twitch May Be Bought by Google for $1 Billion

Ok, so this is rumor, but juicy rumor since it involves $1 billion, Google, YouTube and a little-known subscription site I told you about more than a year ago (Feb. 6, 2013, to be exact). Apparently, YouTube (owned by parent company Google) is looking to buy Twitch, a subscription site for live streaming of video game playing. That's right, people are paying $8.99 a month to watch live streams of other people's video game playing. Variety first…

Exit Strategies for Subscription Sites

Sometimes a subscription or membership site dies -- either because of a dwindling audience (where are the trade pubs for street sweepers and switchboard operators these days?) or for other operational reasons. But what do you do with existing subscribers if you decide to close shop? In this 15-minute On-Demand Video, Insider Editor Minal Bopaiah chats with Nancy Brand, Director of Operations at Chartwell about the options subscription sites have when closing shop.
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Subscription Insider is uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions.
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