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Build an Ecosystem Around Your Company — the Google way

Many technology companies, and famously Google, have built empires through their ecosystems. A business community or network formed around a company's mission, assets or products that supports members, builds customer relationships and adds value that scales through ancillary services. When value is created by members -- through new services, functionality and content -- it feeds the network, increases the importance (and/or size) of the ecosystem and makes the company behind it more indispensable. The result? You get closer to center of your industry's universe and your customer's universe.

Publishers are from Mars, Content Marketers are from Venus

Content ROI can mean many things for different types of organizations. For media companies and content marketers, they couldn't be more different. Each have very different views, very different processes and different teams for creating, managing and tracking content. Kathy Greenler Sexton from Subscription Insider walks through how each looks at, values and tracks content ROI, and points out lessons each can learn from the other.

Home Depot Data Breach Biggest Ever

Just as the dust was beginning to settle from last year's massive data breach at Target stores that exposed about 40M credit and debit cards, the industry is reeling from an even larger breach. Home Depot stores have confirmed that about 56M payment cards have been exposed through an attack on their POS system during April-September 2014. The Home Depot credit card breach has, according to Home Depot, only affected customers who purchased in-store and not those who purchased online.

Top 10 Learnings on Mobile Marketing from DMA Conference

Here are ten takeaways from Bill Baird from the Mobile Marketing DMA that you can use as a springboard as you plan and implement your mobile marketing and content strategies.

7 Possible Disruptors to Your Subscription Business

In an effort to help you prevent the next "disruptor" from wreaking havoc on your bottom-line, Insider Editor-at-Large Minal Bopaiah offers a list of seven soon-to-be-prevalent innovations that you should get ready for. Not all of them may apply to your subscription business, but we're willing to bet at least one will cause you a headache, no matter how big or small a publisher you are -- unless you take steps to prepare!

Target Data Breach Impact on Debit Cards

We have seen the impact of the breach in the form of an increase in certain declines that indicate a closed account or potentially fraudulent activity. When viewing data from Paul Larsen Consulting merchants in aggregate, for a mix of credit and debit cards, the rate of Invalid Account Number declines more than doubled over the same time prior year, from just over 9% to 19%. Also on the rise were restricted card and pick up card declines.

Best Practices for Merchants in Response to Data Breaches

With the recent spate of data breaches at major retailers, exposing credit card and personal information for an estimated 110 million Americans, the payments sphere is in a whirlwind of activity.Card not present merchants are already feeling the impacts, and a change or review in best practices and current processes is certainly a good idea. So, what can a CNP merchant expect?

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