Weekly Subscription News: Office, Uber and Accusations

Featuring Microsoft, Bloomingdales, HBO, MoviePass and Match

Weekly Subscription News: Office

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In this weeks subscription news, Microsoft takes away perpetual licensing for Office 2019 for home use, Bloomingdales launches a subscription rental service, and MoviePass has been accused of changing the passwords of power subscriber to limit usage. Also, this week, the Pacific Standard lost its financial backing, HBO Max sets a goal of 50 million subscribers in five years, and The Boston Globes union is planning a walkout due to contentious negotiations.

Microsoft Axes Office 2019 from ‘Home Use Program’

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HBO Max Eyes 50 Million Subscribers Within 5 Years

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‘Pacific Standard’ Will Shutter After Losing Financial Backer
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Uber Lost an Eye-Popping $5 Billion in a Single Quarter

Match Surges Most Ever as Tinder Leads Robust Revenue Growth

Globe Union Plans Walkout Amid Increasingly Contentious Negotiations
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