Weekly Subscription News: Podcasts, Payments and PlayStation Now

Featuring BBC Four, CBSN, The Atlantic, Spotify and Tesla

As we wrap up May, the third month of shelter in place orders in many areas, COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives and the subscription industry. For example, The Atlantic is cutting 17% of its staff and closing its video department, PlayStation Now has grown to 2.2 million subscribers, and BBC Four could become a global subscription service. Also in the headlines, Apple TV+ subscriptions are flat, Spotify strikes a podcast deal with Joe Rogan worth more than $100 million, and payment provider GoCardless signs 8×8 as recurring bill client to speed B2B payments.

Apple TV+ Subscriptions Flat Despite COVID-19 Quarantine, Increased Demand for Originals
Apple Insider

BBC Four Could Become Global Subscription Service
Broadband TV News

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Is CBSN the Future of TV News?
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The Atlantic Cuts 17% of Staff, Closes Video Department
Publishers Daily

Spotify Strikes Podcast Deal with Joe Rogan Worth More than $100 Million
The Wall Street Journal

Payment Provider GoCardless Signs 8×8 as Recurring Bill Client to Speed B2B Payments

Tesla Raises Price of Full Self Driving by $1,000 Worldwide Before Moving to Subscription Model
Auto Blog

PlayStation Now Hits 2.2 Million Subscribers
The Verge