Using Public Data (and Great SEO) to Sell Prospecting Services

If you’ve checked out our Case Study on Equilar Insight, you’ll see that the company is incredibly savvy at taking public data and selling it as a subscription service simply by cleaning it up and using savvy Web coders to make it crunch-able, malleable and presentable for professionals looking for benchmarking data.

But Equilar Insights has a sister site — Equilar Atlas — that uses the same technique (i.e., cleaning up publicly available data) to sell prospecting services. And while it’s a recent launch, the site is taking off.

CEO David Chun told me that the site has seen exponential growth in unique visitors because of the company’s strong SEO practices (Equilar has some of the best SEO I’ve seen ever). In fact, there was a170% growth in UVs in just two months! Now, if you search for “James Brear net worth,” one of the site’s pages comes up.

This growth could be attributed to the fact that the company has 25 Web developers in-house — which is 25% of the company’s entire staff. But there are other factors involved, and so we’re excited to include David as one of our guest speakers at Subscription Site Summit. His talk on Equilar Insight and Equilar Atlas should elucidate how companies can use their existing operations and market dominance to pivot and launch drastically different subscription ventures in the same target market.

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