Use QR Codes with Direct Mail to Increase Online Subscriptions

While most online publications don’t think to employ postal direct mail marketing, it can be a savvy way to acquire new and expired online subscribers.Of course, the obvious problem is how to transition a prospect from his/her mailbox to your site. One of the better solutions is to use QR codes, which can be scanned with a smart phone, in direct mail pieces.However, QR codes need their own tech-savvy solutions.Firstly, you should only use QR codes if you have a mobile-friendly site. Secondly, your offer should only require an email address–it’s very hard to get customers to convert via mobile sites if they’re asked to enter a credit card since the task is cumbersome on small mobile devices.A smart alternative may be listing a phone number (on the thank-you page after customers enter an email address) that customers can click to call in order to subscribe to your publication.Of course, the success of any postal direct mail campaign depends on many other factors, including ensuring you have a quality list and matching your offer to the type of list you use. For more advice on how to create a killer postal direct mail campaign that will help you acquire new and expired subscribers, check out this article on our sister site, Subscription Site Insider.

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