SoulCycle Launches a Bike and On-Demand Subscription to Rival Peloton

Bike available for a pricy $2,500 + $40 per month subscription

SoulCycle is mixing things up by offering an at-home, connected cycle for die-hard fitness fans at $2,500 plus tax. Though pricy, the bike includes many extras including a five-class, in-studio SoulCycle package as well as on-demand cycling classes available via a $40-per-month subscription. The $2,500 price tag also includes shipping and installation. The bikes also come with a 21.5” full HD screen, WiFi, 4GB RAM and are Bluetooth-enabled, making this connected bike perfect for high energy, at-home workouts. The offering may remind other cyclists of competitor Peloton, who also offers an expensive, in-home cycle complete with subscription-based workout options.

The bike itself weighs 128 pounds and 142 pounds with the tablet screen. The bike comes with a one year limited warranty for the display and bike components and a five year limited warranty for the bike frame. It is intended for users ranging in height from 4’10” to 6’10” with a weight maximum of 350 pounds.

Assuming the country’s current health crisis doesn’t change SoulCycle’s plans, the new at-home bikes should be available for presale later this month in Austin, Dallas, Houston, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, expanding to other markets later.

“Powered by inspiration, sweat and joy, we ride to the beat and sweat it out, together. Introducing a bike that captures everything you love about Soul – the legendary instructors, heart-pumping playlists, motivation and energy – and delivers it to you. Anytime and anywhere,” says SoulCycle’s at-home cycle web page.

Reminiscent of Peloton’s subscription offerings, SoulCyclists can access SoulCycle on-demand classes via the Variis content platform using the bike’s touch screen. They must purchase the 12-month membership though to access those classes. This new at-home bike also gives users early access to the Variis mobile app which offers a host of unlimited, streaming, on-demand fitness classes through SoulCycle, Equinox, Pure Yoga, Precision Run, Myodetox and HeadStrong.

“The most motivating at-home workout. The joy of SoulCycle class meets the energy of a concert. Our class videos keep you motivated and coming back for more – even when you’re not on the bike,” SoulCycle says. “A totally immersive music experience. Music is what moves us, so we built this bike with music in mind. Discover new, instructor-curated playlists every time you ride.”

Of course, the classes also come with all of the features that make SoulCycle so popular, including bikes engineered for tap-backs, push-ups, sprints and climbs and instructors who push you to go behind your limits. Subscribers can follow their favorites or try new ones with each workout.

Cyclists can try their at-home SoulCycle for 30 days. If they want to return the bike after that, Variis coordinates the return and refund, but customers will be charged a $250 return shipping and handling fee.

Insider Take:

There is no doubt the SoulCycle is a spendy bike, but for die-hard SoulCyclists, this is an investment. For customers who can afford the bike, the $40 monthly subscription fee is nominal – as well as essential to getting the most out of the SoulCycle. The subscription takes subscribers beyond just SoulCycle classes. It gives them access to a whole new world of at-home fitness.

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, however, the timing of a product launch is not ideal. The economy will be sluggish for a while, impacting businesses and consumers alike. That might make this rollout lackluster initially, but when this product and accompanying subscription are able to maximize their reach, this could very well be a solid rival for Peloton.