Launches Streaming Video Subscriptions for Individuals

When started making professional training videos for psychotherapists more than 15 years ago, they adopted the DVD rental model made popular by Netflix at the time. The site eventually began offering streaming video site licenses to groups (i.e., universities, colleges, clinics and any institution interested in using the videos for teaching purposes).Last week, finally launched streaming video subscriptions for individuals, demonstrating how a smart B2B and professional training site should prioritize group accounts over individual usage for revenue growth.By first offering streaming video for groups, a professional training site has a clear benefit to offer group subscribers, i.e, streaming video that can be accessed at any time and by multiple users, instead of DVD rentals for individual subscribers. This sort of benefit makes a group subscription an easy sell.If the site has begun offering streaming video for individuals first, it’s likely that cash-strapped academic departments would have gotten a subscription under one person’s name and then shared the login credentials, which would thwart future group subscription upsells.Furthermore, by focusing on offering a robust streaming video training experience for groups, has created one of the most sophisticated video streaming sites I’ve seen in terms of functionality. Each video (which can be over an hour, sometimes) comes with an interactive transcript; click on a word, and the video player will jump to that frame in the video. Also, instructors can create clips of videos to share or show a class simply by highlighting text. The YouTube video below details the features of’s streaming video and I suggest anyone interested in creating a great professional training video course check it out.Individual subscriptions for are priced at $39/month for 2 streams, or $79/month for unlimited streaming.

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