Profitable Niche Membership and Daily Deal Site For Sale

Looking to purchase and invest in a profitable niche site?Website Properties recently listed a successful niche business for sale. The business has two sites — one is a niche membership site and the other is a daily deal site. Both have premium content offerings and focus on photography.But what investors will find interesting is the profit margins. The business generates more than $1.6 million in revenue, and has net profits of around $476,000. The asking price is $1.55 millionHere’s more about the unnamed business:

Premium niche businesses do not come up for sale very often. Highly profitable niche businesses are even more rare. The opportunity here is to purchase two unique websites that are both market leaders in their own right. The first website was started in 2000. It is a premium, vibrant, membership-based forum that quickly became #1 in its industry. It has fantastic SEO, millions of forum posts, and thousands of paying members. It has a 50,000+ opt-in email list. While the site enjoys a tremendous following, there are some major growth opportunities that have yet to be explored. The second website is a daily deal site started in 2011 that focuses on the same niche as the forum. This site has grown organically while leveraging the success of the forum brand to give it the push it needed to be extremely successful. The growth this business has seen has been tremendous since inception, but there are several avenues for growth that a new owner can capitalize on. Net profits for the past 12 months are up over the previous year, which speaks to the stability of the business.*****As a quality listing that felt represented a good fit for its subscribers, this listing is presented in partnership with an outside brokerage firm.   Interested parties that have a signed NDA on file with Website Properties will be contacted by the Partnered/Co-Broker Brokerage Firm directly and will be sent the prospectus as well as any additional company details.****

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