Lesson from Hulu: Save Potential Cancels With a Great Landing Page

We all know that you should have a user-friendly account management section on your subscription site that lets subscribers cancel online. It’s a much better way to reduce chargebacks and remain a “merchant in good standing” with credit card companies.But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to save the account before a subscriber cancels.Hulu does just that with this great landing page after Paywall Times publisher Anne Holland clicked “cancel”:

 There are a number of things I like about this page:

  1. It lists a number to call for help. I constantly hear from marketing managers that “sleeper” accounts cancel because the user has forgotten his or her password. Having a phone number lets you resolve this problem quickly and painlessly.
  2. The site lets a subscriber freeze an account. This is an especially great technique during economically tough times or for users that may not need your service for a while — like students who are about to go on a study abroad program — while letting the subscription site retain the customer for future reactivation without an expensive “win back” campaign.
  3. Users can still cancel easily. While the page clearly offers incentives to stay (videos, customer support, a temporary freeze), it’s not burying the cancel button — it’s still in its own box and easy to see.

Do you have a “save” attempt for cancelling subscribers? Let us know and we may feature you on Paywall Times!Or discover how you can cross-sell canceling subscribers into a one-off purchase by reading the Case Study on ContactAnyCelebrity.com on our sister site, Subscription Site Insider.