Case Study Lessons: How to Make A/B Testing Part of Your Company Culture

By now, we all know that A/B testing is a highly worthwhile activity, bound to increase your subscription revenues.Yet, birds-eye projects like split testing button copy or landing pages often get shoved to the side when dealing with daily deadlines and unexpected fires that need to be put out immediately.That’s why we were so impressed when Andrew Warner, Founder and CEO of and subject of this week’s Members-Only Case Study on Subscription Site Insider, told us about his “Testing Tuesdays.”In short, Warner has made it a practice to test something every Tuesday. That could be selling a new product, tweaking a conversion page or creating a new landing page.For small and big subscription sites alike, testing is often a “priority” that is poorly executed upon. Some companies seek to remedy this problem by hiring someone dedicated full-time to testing. While that’s not a bad idea, Warner’s practice of “putting it on the calendar” is a more budget-friendly solution that systematizes a company principle that will definitely lead to more revenue.Of course, Warner, who started and sold a company for millions in his twenties, is not short on great ideas. You can read more about how his site Mixergy is surprisingly monetizing an audience of entrepreneurs by selling membership access to old interviews by joining Subscription Site Insider today.

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