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Subscriber Growth Through Experience Optimization

Subscription growth teams lean on House of Kaizen to optimize their entire customer journey, from marketing to product experiences, for net growth and sustained recurring revenue. Sometimes all a team needs is a new perspective. We can provide the insight, the spark, the testing hypotheses to get things moving in the right direction on a project by project basis using our uniquely designed optimization techniques.

When ongoing collaboration is best, product marketing teams can lean on ours for experimentation and optimization to deliver growth. Through staff augmentation, collaborative execution, and training, our team of experts will improve, expand, and support your in-house capabilities. From media to site and product experience optimization, we manage a complete product growth program rooted in performance efficiency.

House of Kaizen has worked with the Wall Street Journal, Clorox, Cinemark, Pfizer, Audible, McAfee, and the New York Times among others, to successfully optimize subscription growth programs. Through our collaboration and with aggressive experience optimization, we meet the unique needs of each business increasing subscriber value throughout their entire journey.

SubscriptionWorks Growth Co-op

Subscription businesses are seeing explosive growth and product teams are capitalizing on this growth and building strong retention strategies. Your challenge now is defining and deploying experience optimizations to keep the growth going. Best practices and bandwidth for experimentation are in short supply.

We're launching SubscriptionWorks Growth Co-op to help you progress through uncertainty, make informed decisions and act with confidence. Your capable team, a community of growth professionals and our 20+ years of subscription growth expertise can be your most agile and efficient growth opportunity right now. This exclusive community of trusted peers and growth specialists will empower your team and strengthen your culture of optimization through shared functional, process, and leadership techniques.

We’re accepting applications now to join the charter membership cohort in Q1 2021, click here to learn more and let us know if you’re interested in joining this exclusive community.


Subscriber growth through experience optimization. House of Kaizen are product, marketing, and data experts who test and learn to delight and grow subscription, loyalty, membership, and recurring revenue businesses.
Product Name
House of Kaizen
Product Description

Subscriber Growth through Experience Optimization - Subscription Growth Marketing

Product Features

We are product, marketing, and data experts who test and learn to delight and grow subscription, loyalty, membership and recurring revenue businesses.

Business Types Served
Associations, Business Media and Publishing, Consumer Media and Publishing, Consumer Services, Direct-to-Consumer, Entertainment and Streaming, Learning and Training, Magazines, Memberships, Newsletters, SaaS and Cloud Services, Subscription Apps, Subscription Boxes, Subscription Gaming
Stage Solution is Designed For
SMB, Enterprise

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